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        The enterprise culture is the first strong point and powerful source of development. We must have a high-level enterprise culture if we want to reach development and longevity. Culture is the basis of enterprise inner resources. If we imagine an enterprise as a tree, then culture is its basis. The healthy and strong roots determine the tree's prosperity and evergreen.
        Qing Hui enterprise culture is formed in accumulation of exploring, developing and strengthen our abilities and quality by all of our staff. Quality and credit is the keystone of Qing Hui. Qinghui is located in Jincheng City of Shanxi Province, and we aim to inherit the credit of Shanxi Business. We believe that credit is the basis of business and credit should be the main principle of our business.


    Business approach

    Develop Qing Hui, share with the world


    Business concept

    Emphasize products quality


    Enterprise quality

    Constant development, attracting customers


    Quality objectives

    More than 98% of high quality products after the first quality check

    Customers’ positive feedback is 100%

    100% of staff is highly qualified and goes further training