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  • Commitment

    We are committed to:
    Continuous development and research, we are aiming to improve our competitiveness in the market.
    Creation of new systems to improve the overall quality.
    Looking for new methods to reduce production costs and cost value.
    Respect for customers and employees to develop the people-oriented concept.
    Highly qualified specialists are involved in the manufacturing of casting machine components and other parts following all the rules and standards of technological process. At every stage of production we implement a strict quality control. For this purpose we carry out special tests and use various efficient methods:
    1 the chemical analysis of the materials 
    2 the mechanical properties of the material, including tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, shrinkage 
    3 the hardness test 
    4 microstructure analysis of castings 
    5 casting internal defects detection 
    6 testing the casting surface and near-surface defects 
    7 testing the surface roughness of machined products 
    8 check of precision of sizes, shape and position and other geometric elements