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  • Process

    We are specialized in casting production using the following technologies: Sand casting (sand-clay mixtures);
    Resin sand casting (cold hardening mixtures);Investment casting.
     Process Flow 

    Casting workshops
    - total area: 33000m2
    - production capacity: 160 000t/year
    - melting furnaces:
    Electric medium frequency furnaces:(max. charge – 3t) – 8pcs, (max. charge – 1t) – 4pcs. 
    Electric arc furnaces: (5t) – 1 pcs, (10t) – 1 pcs.
    Refining furnace: 15t – 1 pcs. 
    Automatic molding lines: 6
    - heat treatment furnaces: 4 pcs. 
    - time for making: pattern equipment – at least  10 days, casting - at least  6 days
     - our own testing laboratory
    - we can provide the following reports: 
    o Ultrasonic defects detection
    o X-ray defects detection 
    o Magnetoscopy
    o Mechanical properties tests
    o Chemical composition
    - we do rough and finish machining (see Machining potential) 
    The alloys we use:
    Gray iron
    Ductile iron
    High-temperature iron 
    Bearing cast iron
    o Carbon steel
    o low-alloy steel
    o alloy steel
    o stainless steel
    o wear-resisting steel
    o heat-resistant steel 
    Machining potential:
    Turning machining
    vertical turning and boring
    Milling, face-milling
    horizontal boring-and-turning
    deep boring 
    vertical planing
    gear machining*
    conical-shaped teeth straight and spiral
    Cylindrical tooth straight,  angular and herringbone
    barrel tooth
    Worm thooth 
    а) cylindrical grinding
    b) internal grinding
    c)surface grinding
    d) centerless grinding