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  • Test mechanical properties of material including: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation rate, shrinkage rate

    2014.04.30 09:41

      Facility Name: Tension Tester
     Use:Test mechanical properties of material including: tensile strength,yield strength, elongation rate, shrinkage rate
     Function:It adopts oil urn bottom placed, dynamoelectric power detection, hydraulic automatic clamp to test the tensile strength, yeild strength, elongation rate of material. Its computer collect, analise and sort out the data automatically to get the Fb、σs、σsu、σs1、σp0.2、σp0.05、σb and other parameters, present the whole test process in dynamic curve chart. The test data can be edited, saved and printed, serves with accurate mechanical properties of various metals.  

     Facility Name: Impact Test Machine
     Use:Test the impact physical property of material
     Function:JB-300 Pendulum impact testing machine is used to test the physical property of casting under active loading. It can realize two kinds of impact energy 300J and 150J. The section area of specimen is 10X10mm. Its principle is to calculate difference of the energy before and after pendulum impacting, the difference is energy which absorbed by specimen.