Five Common Wallpaper Problems and Their Corresponding DIY Solutions

Adding a dash of character and style into every home interior is a must these days. Not only are you making your home look better, you are also increasing its overall value. In this case, every bit of interior design improvements you add helps the entire look of your home. One such element that’s easy to add is wallpaper. Unlike paint, wallpapers are easy to apply and it won’t leave you nauseous from its fumes. But in the event something goes wrong with your home’s wallpapers, going DIY is an option you can entertain. Here are some easy repair solutions for common wallpaper problems.

Uneven Corner Edges

Sometimes, the application of wallpaper on the corners of your wall can produce subpar results. Don’t worry because this predicament can be easily fixed. All you need is some caulk or a filler that’s flexible to mold. Apply some caulk along the edges of the wallpaper using a sealant dispenser. Be careful not to overdo it because this might cause more problems. After you have applied caulk, smoothen it first with your fingers dabbed in water. After which, you can smoothen it with a wet sponge to your liking.


Lining Paper Gaps

Like uneven corners, you might find a number of gaps on your wall’s lining paper. This surface imperfection can ruin the overall look of your walls. To remedy this problem, get some decorating filler and apply it to the gaps. Remember to apply the correct amount again because excessive filler can make your wallpaper look ugly. Mold the filler using a filling knife until it suits your preferences. Afterwards, obtain a piece of sandpaper to smoothen the filler that has hardened out. Once you have completed this DIY operation, you won’t have to worry about any gaps ruining your lining paper.


A Torn Wallpaper Section

More often than not, your wallpaper might be torn. This can be caused by hyperactive kids or people who might hang on to your wallpaper when they accidentally fall down. When this happens, you just need to take out the torn section of your wallpaper. Do this carefully so the other parts of the wallpaper won’t be affected. After you have torn out that section, apply some glue or adhesive behind it. Place the torn section back and smoothen it with a damp sponge. Once it dries out, your wallpaper will look like it was new again.


Gluing a Hanging Wallpaper Back

Along with a torn section, the corners or the end part of a wallpaper may hang loose. As a result, you walls will look sloppier than the usual. When this happens, the fix is as easy as a walk in the park. Get a container of adhesive and apply just enough on the back of the hanging wallpaper section. Again, get a damp sponge to smoothen your wallpaper until it looks normal again.


Getting Rid of Air Bubbles Inside the Wallpaper

To get rid of air bubbles, obtain a cutter first. Make a cross cut on the section where there are air bubbles. Peel the four sections of the wallpaper that has been cut. Once again, apply some glue on those sections and put everything back together. To complete this DIY process, smoothen the repaired sections with a damp sponge. For more advice on featuring wallpaper, check out on Hueconcept interior design.

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