Convenient DIY Leak Repair Solutions for 4 Different Types of Roofs

When the rainy season starts, it’s always best to stay indoors whenever you can. Being out in the open when a typhoon hits will be very bad for your health. That’s why your house will always be the best place to stay when a sudden downpour occurs. You’ll always be safe here, not only from the raging rain, but from the heat of the sun as well. But you won’t be able to enjoy that benefit if your house’s roof has leaks in it. Instead, you will find several puddles of water in your home when it starts to rain. If this is the problem you’re currently facing, you should go and repair it right away. As such, here are some DIY solutions to for several kinds of roofs.


Flat Roof

For those of you who have a leaking flat roof on top of your houses, you should get a ladder and some cleaning materials first. Locate the damaged part of the roof and clean it properly. Now, get some primer and apply it on the affected part of the roof. Take some time for it to dry thoroughly. Next, get some patching material. This material should be sturdy and durable enough to withstand the elements. Apply it on the primer and leave it to dry again. Once it has been fully applied, smooth everything out using a flat-roof roller.


Asphalt Shingle Roof

Having a roof made up of asphalt shingles definitely adds a lot of character and several benefits to your house. At the same time, having leaks on this type of roof can really be a big cause of trouble when the rainy season starts. To remedy this kind of problem, you need to lift up the damaged shingle first. This act will expose the nails that are holding them down. Once they are exposed, you can take out the nails and the damaged asphalt shingle with the help of a pry bar. Get a replacement shingle from your handyman supplier and check if it fits perfectly on your roof. While you’re at it, get a few roofing nails too. You’re going to use these nails to hold down the replacement shingle. Afterwards, apply some adhesive on the nails’ heads. Press the shingle hard, let the adhesive dry, and you’re as good as done.


Laminated Roof

Roofs made out laminated material aren’t immune to damage and leaks too. The great thing about it is the DIY repair process is exactly the same of asphalt shingle roofs. Apart from getting a replacement part for your damaged roof, you should also obtain longer roofing nails. That’s because laminated roofs are thicker and they need a specialized kind of nails to hold down their first layer.


Roof Flashing Leak

Roof flashings can also sustain damage and be the cause for leaks when the rains start. If you are in this situation, better clean the damaged part first. At the same time, get rid of any trace of old sealant or mortar that’s holding the flashing together. Next, use a screwdriver to push the flagship clips into their corresponding joints. As a result, the damaged area of the roof flashing will be held in place. Apply a new batch of sealant while the roof flashing is being held back and return it once you’re done with this step. Give it some ample time to dry and you’re finished.

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